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Jerry Lorenzo's Fear of God Essentials is now available at dropout

dropout is excited to announce the availability of Fear of God Essentials hoodies and t-shirts both instore and on

Jerry Lorenzo, the originator of Fear of God, has had a long and winding career. He's gone from working in a Diesel stock room to overseeing scholarships and collaborations for the Los Angeles Dodgers, to managing Dodgers player Matt Kemp — and he's even thrown fancy parties for rappers and sports stars. Lorenzo began creating garments with the money he earned from the events.

He began with a short-sleeve sweatshirt with side zippers, then progressed to an elongated t-shirt and other items. Lorenzo was able to deliver his products to Big Sean a year later, in 2012, thanks to his wife's connections. 

This prompted Ye — then still Kanye West — to seek him for advice on a collection the rapper was working on with A.P.C. This would lead to a collaboration in which Lorenzo designed tour merchandise for Yeezy, Donda, and a variety of other projects.

Fear of God has already risen through the ranks by 2015, becoming one of the most desired streetwear labels. Lorenzo, ever the entrepreneur, wanted to make his garments more accessible and ended up collaborating with PacSun to produce a more cheap collection named F.O.G. When asked why he chose a more accessible market, Lorenzo told The Cut, "I have more family members that buy at PacSun than at Barneys, to be honest, I want to be where they are."

For a few years, F.O.G. was a mainstay, but in 2018, Lorenzo decided to discontinue the brand and replace it with Essentials.

Essentials, as the name suggests, creates collections of basic items in subdued colours. Essentials was Lorenzo's attempt to appropriately categorise his products, whereas F.O.G. was just a more cheap version of Fear of God. Essentials has thrived since its inception, and as streetwear enthusiasts will confirm, it's the finest way to get their hands on Lorenzo's items.


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