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Unknown, Simba La Rue e Baby Gang presso dropout per il lancio della collezione esclusiva

Exclusive Collaboration Launch with Unknown, Simba La Rue, and Baby Gang at dropout

dropout is proud to have hosted the exclusive launch of the collaboration with Unknown London, alongside Simba La Rue and Baby Gang. Despite the physical absence of the artists, who are currently detained, their innovative spirit permeated the event, making the collection a powerful tribute to their art and impact on urban culture.

Unknown London continued to impress with its bold and pioneering style, presenting pieces that stand out for their originality and visual impact. The collection, influenced by the charisma and art of Simba La Rue and Baby Gang, offered fashion fans a unique mix of fashion and music, even in the absence of their idols.

The event took place at our dropout stores and was a true success, with customers having the opportunity to explore and purchase exclusive items from the limited collection. The items presented, including t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories, reflected the bold aesthetic of Unknown and the distinctive style of the artists involved.

The public response was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating that a passion for fashion and music can transcend physical barriers. This event reaffirmed dropout's commitment to offering unique experiences and innovative products, further consolidating our position as a leader in the streetwear sector.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event memorable. Continue to follow us on our social channels to not miss out on future collaborations and exclusive events that only dropout can offer you.

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