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The People Vs. now available at dropout

We are pleased to announce the availability of The People Vs. among the sought-after and emerging streetwear brands available in-store and online at dropout.

The People Vs. is an Australian streetwear brand born out of a desire to create high quality basics for people who were inspired by vintage fashion. With a shared love of art, music and the streets we live on, The People Vs. begins its journey in a small shop on the back streets of Bali.

In the beginning, the founders spent a lot of time looking for silhouettes in flea markets and experimenting with washes, dyes and new printing methods to find what would become the brand's signature details.

The limited edition capsule collections are a mix of modern streetwear and rock nostalgia. They reflect the relaxed style of the brand's founders. Each item is produced in small quantities and undergoes an exclusive boutique washing process. The People Vs. makes clothing for both men and women to give a voice to the anti-establishment movement. A brand to savor and fully enjoy.

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