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Unknown x Simba La Rue x Baby Gang: discover the exclusive collection
Unknown x Simba La Rue x Baby Gang: discover the exclusive collection

dropout goes public by landing on Mamacrowd

Milan, September 2021 - With a historic initiative for Italian streetwear, dropout, business specialized in the resale of refined and limited edition clothing and sneakers, announces the launch of a campaign on Mamacrowd, the most important Italian platform for investment via equity crowdfunding.

The secondary market for reselling sneakers is fueled by the excitement created by an intentionally kept low supply of certain models.

More and more sneakers and streetwear brands are releasing products in limited quantities, in contrast to important advertising campaigns around them, with the aim of increasing interest around their brand and increasing the perceived value of the same also through the secondary market thus generated.

dropout, which develops in Milan with a physical and online store, has been operating in this market since 2018.

"Through Mamacrowd we have the opportunity to actively involve our community and all sneakers enthusiasts, who I am sure will be very interested in taking part in the project", explains Kola Tytler, founder and CEO, "With this equity crowdfunding campaign we aim at a collection target between 300k and 500k. With the funds we aim at an expansion of the physical retail locations, the online store, dropout® branded products. We also plan to set up pop-up shops where we identify high potential, going to bring the product even to the most occasional customer. Another natural step will be the expansion of the business in the second-hand market, leveraging the concept of sustainable fashion".

To support the activity, the dropout team has developed HypeAnalyzer (SIAE registration D000014993), a technical analysis software for the secondary market for sneakers. On the website and iOS app, HypeAnalyzer tracks and compares thousands of sneakers daily, in order to identify those with the greatest potential for future resale, treating the sneakers as real assets.

HypeAnalyzer’s algorithms define various aspects of the activity: from what products are accepted on consignment and their related price margins to discounts and shop windows. The use of data ensures that the products on sale and on display are objectively of interest: anyone who wants trendy and limited edition products is on the safe side by entering dropout or visiting

Consignment is fully automated and digital: users can manage and check the status of their products on sale, check pending payments and communicate with dropout’s team conveniently from the website or via the iOS app.

“Consignment is a key aspect of the business as it increases consumer loyalty and allows us to obtain rare products without the need for an investment of resources”, comments Stefano Zeppieri, co-founder and CTO of dropout.

With over 1,500,000 euros in turnover since 2018, 2 million website visitors, 150 million social media impressions and 5 million YouTube views since 2018, dropout is among the best-known Italian resale brands in the secondary market of sneakers and limited edition streetwear clothing.

The campaign launch is scheduled for October 5th at

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