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dropout invests in web3 technology: exclusive NFTs coming soon

The first dropout®NFT drop includes 94 digital collectibles on the blockchain, giving access to the following benefits:

  • unique collectible digital sweatshirt, number 1 of 94
  • 100% discount on dropout® products (up to 2 per season)
  • 20% discount on all products available on

Below he answers the most frequently asked questions about the initiative.


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non fungible token, in Italian "gettone non replicabile". The classic example proposed is that of money: a 1 euro coin can be replaced with another coin and the two have the same value, while a work of art is unique and therefore non-fungible.

NFTs can actually represent anything from simple images to corresponding tangible products in the real world.

NFTs are typically bought and sold online (using cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies) and held in "wallets", which are digital wallets stored on the blockchain.

What is a wallet?

In the web3 context, the term wallet is used to indicate a digital wallet where cryptocurrencies and digital assets (NFT) are stored. A bit like a single "account" that can be used to connect to sites and portals with advanced features to unlock dedicated content.

Why this move?

We are excited to invest in the future and ambitious to marry new technologies with potential for large-scale deployment and mass adoption. The new opportunities associated with blockchain technology provide new ways to develop communities and increase the value and awareness of operating brands in the fashion sector. Owning dropout® NFT will be the only certified way to be part of our exclusive community.

What will they be for?

Dropout® NFTs will give access to exclusive products, events and experiences offered by dropout. The opportunity to take part in initiatives organized by the dropout team will be guaranteed for life for NFT holders.

I have never bought NFT before, what will I need to do to buy?

The NFTs will be available on (date to be announced) and to purchase them, simply add them to your cart and pay like any generic product on our website.

Will cryptocurrencies be needed?

No. dropout® NFTs can be purchased with common credit/debit cards, just like all the other products available on

Will I make money with NFT dropouts?

NFT dropouts® are NOT meant to be speculative, but to kick off an interactive process and community creation aimed at solidifying the dropout brand's position within the Italian streetwear world.

I am concerned about the environment.

Blockchain technology generates significant CO2 emissions. dropout is committed to offsetting its carbon footprint by self-financing projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When will they be available?

We will take care to inform each interested party before the drop (which will take place very soon). Be sure to register at to receive information as it becomes available.
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