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The perfect sneaker. The perfect sneaker must be extemporaneous, must never go out of fashion and must be combined with different clothing styles. The Nike Air Force 1 , especially in white , is considered by many to be the perfect sneaker.

Creating an icon
The Nike Air Force 1 was designed by Bruce Kilgore. It was Kilgore's first attempt at designing a basketball shoe. The now iconic Air Force 1 hit shelves in 1982. The Nike Air Force 1 is named after the Air Force One plane in which the President of the United States travels.

Made for parquet
The Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to use Nike Air technology. It pioneered a soft, stretchy, cushioned fit for the game of basketball. NBA players during the early 1980s wore the Nike Air Force 1 and helped raise its profile. Basketball stars like Moses Malone, Bobby Jones and Jammal Wilkes have worn the shoe on the court.

Not an instant hit
Air Force 1 was not an overnight success or instant success. Just two years after their original release, Nike wanted to discontinue the shoe. When news broke that the Air Force 1 would be discontinued, fans started buying every pair they could find. This was especially true on the East Coast, where the Nike Air Force 1 has become a must-have sneaker.

Connection with music
The Nike Air Force 1 remains a fashion staple to this day and one of the most recognizable shoes Nike has ever produced. The Air Force 1 has been boosted into popular culture in large part due to the way it has been embraced by influential rappers and celebrities around the world. Around the early 2000s, the Air Force 1 became a fashion staple in the music industry. Roc-a-Fella Records had made a custom pair of white Air Force 1s with the record label's logo embroidered on it. The biggest rappers of that era like Jay Z, Shyne, Nelly, Young Jeezy, Fat Joe and G-Unit not only wore the Air Force 1 but also shouted them out on albums.

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